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mbt shoes sale Vibration frequency of the cutting

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Cutting speed variation of vibration frequency

Of Loop 4 (b) variable speed turning in another set of test data obtained in the test conditions are as follows: workpiece material is 45, actinium, diameter D = 85mm tool material is ~ T14; the shape of the tool a few servers: y =, port = 8 ', = 45; cutting the amount of: n,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], = O. 6ram, a 0.14mm / r, n. A 460r/rain, who Mountains l = ± 16Of/rain}, a O. 1Hz,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spindle speed by triangular waveform. The determination of the inherent weaknesses in process system the amount of rates - a l83.6Hz. Jagged section of Figure 4, the experimental data of the linear regression analysis showed that the vibration frequencies of spindle speed for random beds jagged piecewise linear change, and the vibration frequency of the visit was not a Chi! I are larger than the main field first natural vibration frequency of the system. The test results consistent with the theoretical conclusions. When the cutting process by cutting into the usual constant cutting speed, the vibration response of process systems in the natural frequency than the main vibration system, _ to be too much of a certain frequency region within the law by jagged cycle, vibration response is attenuation area, vibration response will be significantly reduced. Figure 5 pieces of vibration wave field test Ping mouth, o. $ Mm, = 375mm/mln ellipsoid =? Or / mln, Shi Shan # ~ 10.5 r/rain-,. Vision 0.3Hz,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spindle speed transmission according to a sine wave with the rest of Ping-piece ring 4 (a) Test 5 is in a constant speed milling tool path by milling directly into the measured variable speed vibration waveform,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], from Figure we can see that the damping effect of cutting speed is very good. ● ', ● ● ● ■ ● 4 speed cutting Wu Bo cover such changes in vibration characteristics of 395 innocent stick Reference 1StoneBJ. Theeffectoftimev ~ yingparameteronthebuild-upofchatterinturning. AnnalsoftheCmP. I985I34 (1) '371 - 3742 in the acid one. Han Sang Qing. Wu Boda. Park of change with cutting. Mechanical Engineering Chengxue She. 1988I24 (4) s7-623LinSC. DevorRE. KapoorSG. Theeffectsofvariablespe ~. dcuttingonvibrationcontrolinfacemilling. ofAS. ME · J. ofEng. forInd. · 1990:112 (I) lI-lITheCharacteristicofChatterFrequencyFollowingtheVariationofRotationalSpeedinVari-SpeedCuttingBodaYuJunyiYangGuohui (Dept.ofMechanicalEngineering.JilinUniversityofTechnologyCh ~ mgchun · 130022) b ● tractThecharacteristicchatterfrequencyfollowingthevariationoftherotationalspeedinvarl-spaedcuttingisdiscussedemphatic-allyinthispaper. Itisprovedbytheoreticalaml,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], s-Karma andexperiments] resultsthatthefrequencyofregenerativechattervariesinsaw-toothwaysfol ~ wlngthetluctuationofrotational, p ~ edandlinearlyineachsectionofsawtooth. Allexperimentspre ~ ntedhere_reiD. ~ E01Mtanendmilling-machineandanellginelathe. key_rdIIcuttingchatter, vari. ~ Paedcutting · vlbr ~ tinnattenuation


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