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mbt shoes sale Variational Method and medium wave

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Variational path of the wave velocity inversion and media

996; 9 (1): 869l6NiuYuqing · DuDesheng, MaXingrui, etal, Generalizedrayapproximatemetkod ∞ invers ~ mediaua-3 Dude Sheng et al: Variation of the path {Kyu-seeking and media were the inversion velocity 257rameters. ActaMeehanicaSolidaSinica,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 1996F (1) :59-657 Niu Yuqing, Dude Sheng, Ma Xingrui and so on. Medium parameters against slander white spoon generalized ray approximation method. Solid Mechanics pension t1996; 17 (2) :116-12O8 Zhang Linbin. Study of seismic tomography; [Dissertation] Big Lin: Large Lotus Polytechnic University. 9 Yang WC, LI You chromium. Application of seismic tomography. Beijing: Geological Publishing House, 1993InversionforRay-PathandMediumVelocityDistributionbyUsingVariationalMethodDuDeshengNiuYuqingMaXingruiHuangWenhu (Depart.ofAstronauticssLMechanics,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], HarbinInstituteofTechnologyHarbint150001) AbstractThepaperpresentsamethodofray-tracingandinversionbasedonthevariationalprinciple. AsimpleformulaforraypathisderivedfromtheEulerequationincontinuousstratifiedmedium. Thedistri-butionofvelocityisinvertedasthemonotonicfunctionofdepthbyusingalgebraicreconstructionteeh-nique. Thenumericalresultsshowthevalidityoftheinversionmethod. KeyWards: stresswave; variationalmethod; inversion; stratifiedmedium first author Dude Sheng M, Associate Professor, in March 1960 students. 98 'International Conference on Vibration Engineering, held a successful 98' International Conference on Vibration Engineering by the China Institute of Vibration Engineering, Northeastern University, and jointly organized by the National Natural Science Foundation, was August 6 - 9 at the city too with success. The meeting was attended more than 120 Chinese and foreign scholars,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], who were from China, the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Russia, Poland and Hong Kong, China and other countries and regional meetings by the chairman of the Chinese Institute of Vibration Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wenhu chaired by Professor. Vice Chairman of the Chinese Institute of Vibration Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor ROTOR organizations and academic committee. The meeting was held on the afternoon of August 6 opening ceremony, six Chinese and foreign scholars were made by the General Assembly, an academic report, the content model for the mechanical engineering sector damping, structural damage detection and the small ferry transform nonlinear applications, sub-continuous structure orthogonal modes, magnetic damping device of the neural network simulation conditions, the development of stochastic response of the Higher Education structure calculations and large-scale nonlinear dynamics of rotor systems of several problems. Then at 7, 8, a division of academic reports and discussions were divided into the mechanical system dynamics, vibration and noise control, vibration measurement and signal processing, nonlinear vibration and random vibration, rotor dynamics, diagnostics, and other, modal analysis and testing, structural dynamics and soil dynamics of eight topics. Exchange of Chinese and foreign scholars in recent years in the vibration, dynamic aspects of research results, communication of academic ideas and technical information, so that scholars generally feel enlightening, rewarding. Printed conference proceedings,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], papers were published in papers of more than 17O, which is from the papers meet unexpectedly large number of candidates elected. The meeting was organized by the China Institute of Vibration Engineering Fourth International Conference. The next International Conference on Vibration Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University and by the Northwestern Polytechnical University, jointly sponsored,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], held in 2002. (Shen News)


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