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mbt shoes sale Original packaging _3443

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Original packaging

Sector and other patterns to interpret the meaning of religion, the whole package is extremely rich and beautiful. Buddhist scriptures and the instruments used in packaging personal characteristics are: First, precious packaging materials, packaging, special skills, decoration is consistent with the package contents,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the second is decorated with colorful precious jewelry, spared no expense, reflecting the royal piety and Buddhism were packaging, the sacred and solemn. Religious-oriented features packed in under the premise explained more respect for people and pray for God's blessing psychology. Xuan soup ■ ■ 1. 『▲ Buddha relic packaging 4. Practical value of the original packaging creation in modern packaging, you can see a lot of original ideas imported. Art from the ordinary people draw strength, to learn life and creative force. The ordinary people are creating native art, can be said that the original human culture, and also has the initial of cultural forms. It is completely different with the elite art, elite art has its aesthetic consciousness, and original artistic aesthetic is largely spontaneous, and Therefore, modern packaging work can be learned from the original packaging in more primitive life, the aesthetic factor, rather than simply absorb some of the surface in the form of language, the real life of the original characteristics of students packed into the modern packaging in the past. ({) In the modern packages of the original form of the concept of using natural materials, production process, using the natural properties of natural materials, or only for rough shaping the transformation. This full play the natural attributes of the original material, its inherent to the perfect embodiment of the function,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], removed the traces of man-made artificial, filling the Mother Nature. The beauty of these packaging materials are not expensive and production is strange, but because it embodies the spirit of primitive art, Gourd full, flowing lines; tall and straight bamboo, straight lines. These are given in the form of natural beauty is unmatched by any artificial cut and polish the. Since ancient times, for example,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], be used to dress gourd items gourd shell Jian China Packaging 2006 / 6, hard, with good protection,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can play a good role in corrosion proof. Beautiful appearance, and easy to carry. Modern. Hulu directly as a packaging material has rarely been used, but it features that shape human love is often applied to product packaging design. ▲ packages of the country's original concept (2) the modern packaging concept of the native structure in our country, the majority of working people with their wisdom and hard work to create a wide range of structured objects and beautiful packaging. Or the use of plant leaves, animal fur to wrap items; use of soft branches, grass twisted into a rope vine, tied porters. Wrapping packaging or bundling mimic some of the structural characteristics of the biosphere, and to use modern packaging structures. (3) the modern packaging concept in the majority of the native production of the working people in the long life, found in many natural packaging materials such as wood, rattan, grass, leaves, bamboo, stems and so on. Water Margin Chinese Classical Literature, Shows people package meat with natural lotus leaf has a long history, this is a scientific and effective means to preserve food. In addition to these, hemp, wood, leather, also often used as packaging materials. China is the hometown of silk, natural silk is also used as packaging material, made of Kam bags, palette and so on. A packaging material in the total on the original concept described in the creation of original packaging is a sincere and simple words from the students creative content forms the basis of life, from life, and service life, is a close to real life, It is the functional and aesthetic features intertwined comprehensive art form, and thus meet the daily needs of the general public, while the use of intelligence, according to local conditions, the natural environment from the side sealed package with a long-term vitality and continuity. 0 No Type Slitter sales price for the range f ten thousand yuan) l1300-axis winding Slitter Machine BOPP, CPE, CPP, PVC, aluminum foil, etc. 10.321200II type correction Slitter cigarette paper, tipping paper, plastic , color printing, adhesive tape cutting machine 43.83l2oo Ⅲ type of white cardboard, cork,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], paper, plastic, color printing, tape, etc. 23.841200A type cutting machine cigarette paper, tipping paper, plastic, color printing, tape, etc. Note 39.8 : This cutting machine is also applicable to all industries coiled soft materials cutting. Cutting width can be produced on request. Unit: Mudanjiang City Light Industry Machinery Factory China and Germany ', Address: Mudanjiang City, the four Road 22 West Zip: 157003 Tel :0453 -6424176 Contact: Wang Kunyun in self-packing 2006/6-


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