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MAC face powder Until the pink flowers _4950

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Until the pink flowers

<td class=\Lunch, one silly turn in the boutiques for a long time and did not get to send him a gift. With a sense of loss and unhappiness, unhappy return to the office.
 
  That afternoon, I feel naughty, there is a heart unspeakable pain. Always work travel, the always forget this trance forget that, I really do not know how this afternoon survive it.
 
  fast work, the Yuhan walked into my office, \think I have something to ask you is it!
 
  evening, we found a very secluded restaurants, where the environment is good, tables are each separated by screens, lit candles on the table It is a very unique type of orange lights, soothing music heard. I was surprised Yuhan is how to find such a romantic place. We found a table by the window seat, because, in this dark candles, through the window, we can see that flow through the crowd the streets, and neon lights. Yuhan my order, I am poor order,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and I pushed to the Yuhan, Yuhan laugh laugh, to seek the views of my point of few dishes, but also a bottle of red wine. waiter filling the glasses for us, not so Yuhan toast, I would wait to ask: \\\too modest, you are my boss, to provide you with information, materials, to serve you is my job. \\talked a lot, life, career, love, family. I know he is a married man, but comes to his family, his expression is always to make people faint sigh, perhaps a problem in their relationship, I did not ask, and was afraid he talks about his pain. So actually unknowingly drank two bottles of red wine. out of the restaurant, my first good halo. He sent me home to fight car, but I'm hard to go back. midnight street, quiet, no pedestrians, only occasionally skip a taxi from the side, boil the middle of the night the neon lights are sleepy lost color, only the stars on the deep night sky sly eye blinking, looking at my ugly. A light sweep, stunned the corner to hide in a pair of lovers kissing in the dark. But I did not think that in building on the corner of Yuhan actually kiss me, that moment, I do not have a reserved, is like it or love really hard to tell. back home, just think of the scene, the heart racing non-stop, wine awake most of the ... ...
 
  next day, I took look of weariness and exhaustion came to the company, sitting in the office, watching the accumulation of documents, idle do not want to do anything, a person immersed in yesterday's dream stare. \\\\Manager you a long time, you did not come, let me turn to you this gift. \You asked me why I go, in fact,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I'll miss it here, whether it is work or people, I am very reluctant, but the work needs, and you, there are some things I do not know what to say, you're a good girl, good girl no one likes, sincerely hope you are happy ... ...
 
  know you like flowers, send you home, I broke down to buy a flower shop, I hope you have a good support, and flowers, I will come and enjoy with you ... ...
 
  reading the letter, my flute, and I do not know why, this is a kind of trust? not I want answers, not the result I want to know ... ... but I still opened the wrapping paper, cans it is a similar box, containing a nutritional base soil for flowers, seeds in the nutrient base where it needs to appropriate water, temperature and sunshine, and then seeds before will germinate and grow. rainbow pink flower name, belongs to Cancer, the constellation happens to be my birthday. my heart feel secretly surprised that he actually knows my birthday. The beautiful flowers up from the painting patterns on see is a pink, petals small serrated edge, a look to people like that. I thought he kinda romantic mood because of the surprise and better. immediately begin operations, in accordance with the manual began to take water, on the sunny place to start slowly wait. that is, starting from that day, my mood began to change with the growing of flowers. every attentive care, watering, to It is sufficient light. my office window despite the two may be not very good lighting, after 9:00 am this window by the desk began to have the sun shine in, but, after 11 to see the sun. The backing wall that window just after 12 o'clock the sun began to pour in. a lot a lot. So, I move the pots every day, and from there moved to fan window fan window, carefully every day Look for a while, see soil for flowers is still not the slightest bit green, the heart is inevitable that some worry. five or six days later, in the yellow soil nutrient base that finally emerged on the trace of the new green, the joy unspeakable. I could not restrain his mood, for the first time called the Yuhan the phone, his voice was tired, my excitement be complacent and light to tell him, \\So fast ... ... \next moment, the heart had calmed down, ask yourself the dark, this is how?
 
  Fortunately, growing flowers, but very slender long, slender front it was not breathing, fear of breath does not care to spend break. Friends saw the flowers, all laughed it was too compact a. that it is no wonder that flower grow, to see you plant flowers in pots, was actually a small box, is reluctant to money buy pot, or can not get on a good soil for flowers? friend joked. think about is, then bought a beautiful porcelain pots, bought a Shanghao soil for flowers, then carefully put the green into a trace flower pots, so that clean up, the slightest slender green trimmed with blue flowers is that of a celadon pot lining, a lot of really good-looking, it also appears more vibrant green. When a man all right, always like to put flowers moved to front, carefully appreciation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as if enjoying a beauty, but also with thoughts drifting out the window that the green green, tune out ... ...
 
  In recent days, the day is always overcast heavy, but also floating in the drizzle, loss of sunlight caress, dim a lot of flowers. I could not help to look out the window, his mind flashed like a film-like work together with the Yuhan every scene, there are problems, there is sorrow : There are pleasant, like to go. For a traditional girl,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], that only want to go and carry on! this season should be the season of flowers, do not know the season is not his flowers, or I care too fine, flowers still so long slender branches of each one is so, without any meaning of flowers. to say is,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], people in a bad mood, the day also followed Couqu, several days of rainy days, so get some haggard light of flowers, leaves playing volume, listless listless, careful look at the original peanut a bug, really troubled ah! could not bear to use pesticides, frightened that can not withstand the delicate leaf stem the ravages of pesticides, the insects had to crush his hand bit by bit . I am scared to shake, no insects are afraid of death, how one can escape to and forget flowers. flower gaunt bear witness to such a confusion, that I entered a delicate flower in winter, Bloom seems hopeless. And what is more or less on Yuhan passed my ears, some of which are about his family's. Although we do not often meet, but occasionally when the company opened the General Assembly, or will to fight a face to face, feeling that he lost a lot, looking melancholy. We look at each other, read each other with eyes of emotion, that moment tears filled eyes ... ...
 
  snow in the afternoon in a sky , the second time I dialed his phone, long silence, he asked: \Ziyan. \, but the general could not bear to put down the first call, and finally came the sound of Yuhan, it is trying not to cry, and \\play with the face and ran from the Yuhan convey information, passing the secrets of our hearts ... ...


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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