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MAC 20 color eyeshadow Notes _3816 ribs

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Notes ribs

<td class=\a bachelor, either from outside the school in recent years has not been transferred to family moved to the city. School faculty cafeteria, specifically with the a four chefs.
  price by now, six yuan per person per day plus two dollars and school subsidies, food should be good. However, the four kitchen is a \Akira on the ass should Sanko. As a meager salary, no power, and secondly, dispositions of charity, honest, no one ever entertained themselves reluctant to spend money,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but could not bear to blackmail the students, then have two straight one place greedy green:
  \
  was last straw, a paper war protest, \
  This is our victory after the first lunch. Look on the table that three cooking,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], especially in that red tape aromatic sauce sweet and sour pork ribs attractive, it is filled with emotion. Bother to do labor and strive to fight for this dish to pork ribs? I remember there was a sage once said: Where there is life there are always struggles. Thin light of the actual taste is indeed the truth. Food is for eating and the revolution is the first instinct of people as animals and the original need, nothing wrong, but for respect for the people of teachers we are concerned, while also untold hardships million CULTIVATION warm and bitter fight, people feel sad a bit appalled, over time, three feet of the podium was afraid of successors.
  \
  table of six people, just sitting two tables. \We eat for a while, but see six pairs of chopsticks in the cooking plate between the shuttle but could not see who should Xia Zhu to a rib. But I have long coveted, and still pretend as dismissive of everyone else, could not help but brush with a rush, like thieves in general. Or did the mother nearly three decades Li understanding:
  \folder on the two, blue same color rib. Members are welcome to give way:
  \my heart is delighted, from bones to chew on yet calm demeanor.
  \
  Lao Dajie chattering away to us points over ribs, look at the bowl, but not too much just three, two of her own, left a piece of distributive justice and left enough for everyone to face, to do not let that new female cook jokes, even bad once spread out, \laughing and munching on a big swallow Li heartfelt admiration, I feel like her forehead look a little awkward, but she immediately smiled and said:
  \  then gently pick up a gently on the bowl.
  or so long did not eat food, or craft a really good cook, which melted fresh sweet and sour pork ribs. I carefully clean and the meat slowly after eating, but also hard to suck out loud several times until the bone spit on the table. Two too little, watch people's eyes, meaning not entirely serious like Nan Xiao, wolves and more meat and less, if one or two people how to eat this dish in the cool!
  disk, only two, but one has the Lord. But I think Li was never again a folder,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the full view of a man holding a large chew chewing bones, more disgraceful, do not necessarily come into me, let alone a taught almost forty years old teachers? I guessed it really, the teacher pick up a bigger piece of ribs on the Komago bowl, said:
  \
  Xiao Sun is to teach computer, and people look short and thin, sick sister, deputy forest. He first met that it just out of drug addiction treatment.
  sympathy for this kid's ribs sandwiched piece, nodded thanks, swallow, spit out the bones will blink of an eye. However, the generosity of everyone Li views or not, but nothing more of her own loss.
  chime cooking has been reported, only a small piece of pork ribs. There may be more or less bowl of rice per person. We quackish Luankan not fast food. I have added a half a teaspoon of rice, Wang added a spoonful of scrambled over. This guy never assertive, go with the flow one. But he was expelled \
  I looked at him, he looked at me, knowingly.
  I sat down to eat rice capsules, and mix together all of God blowing. Ribs is a target for this, no one dare to do \Just wait until they come to an end before calmly eat, I think.
  first withdraw from the Li, free and easy to say Excuse me, we head out of the cafeteria. She had just disappeared, people will back up their praise. Some said she was virtuous gentle, maternal full; has said she was humble and courteous,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], conservation Gaoshanyangzhi deep ... ... Komago also like to go along. 'd Learn to teach the history of Hong Bo Ma Lao cited,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what a man named Spring and Autumn Period sake of claw ultimatum laid down his life called Bo left to seek fame and a peach; what the Three Kingdoms period of the year-old man named Jung makes a pear ... hear us ... repair of these young people without sobering history, popular enlightenment. Finally, the old man helped the Rotary black-rimmed glasses, summarized Road:
  \a young man, but also subconsciously glanced ribs plate, walk out.
  Komago camel suddenly realized, \
  have three, king of big, big lu, and I, are by \Lu said that we have withdrawn a large bar, so stand up one after another.
  five minutes later, I gasped back to the canteen. Fortunately, the dish is still on the table that can be ribs was gone.
  stupidly, suddenly heard laughing, that new cook is happy to see me within the show window.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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