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jordan sc-1 Star Trek Online Demo And Encourage Us

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now for each guest in the game user, you will receive a special title of "Recruiter? (Recruiter), as well as 400 Cryptic points. In addition, the captain of your ship and the officers will receive additional points of skills. In general, the more friends you will be able to lure in the Star Trek Online, the higher the level of your students.
In addition, developers have introduced a new program to promote "veterans" who had the game for 100 days or more. Now, the more time you'll spend on a trip to outer space, so a large number of bonuses will get access. Then you and the new ships, and additional slots for new characters, and all sorts of titles [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which will distinguish you from other computer players.
In addition, the 7 th to 10 th May any former active user Star Trek Online may return to the game. It suffices to use your login and password and see what's in your absence changed in this universe. Well, those who have never visited the world of Star Trek Online, it can be done on May 7. Now you can install a "shortened" version of the game [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then read a few missions and take part in online-fights. And only then decide whether to spend money to buy the full version.
Star Trek Online is not going to go to the console
Oops, MMO-games from Cryptic Studios does not seem to get to the fate of the Xbox 360. First, the developers have put a cross on porting Champions Online, but now suppressed and plans for the expansion of the 360 Star Trek Online.
"The situation with the console version of Star Trek Online is similar to the fate Champions Online - currently we are all the attention paid to improve the PC-version of the game. Technologically, we all ready for porting. We ran the game on consoles, and we had plans to change and adapt the game to other platforms. However, due to purely financial reasons, we can not translate these plans into reality. In general, the console version Star Trek Online pushed to the background ", - said studio boss Jack Emmert.
PC. Only PC. What is unlikely to surprise anyone - Champions Online and Star Trek Online are not standards in the MMO-genre. And if they are not in demand on their computers [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then success on the consoles can not wait.
[url=/]sto credits[/url]
In Star Trek Online will gain access to the cockpit
MMORPG Star Trek Online is dedicated to vast expanses of space and its study. We fly in ships, performing quests, entering a guild, trading and fighting. But so far it looks like this: this is our ship - clicked the mouse - he flew. And at that time is on board? How's the mood of the captain? Is it too much stick to our nurse, engineer? This whole life is hidden from the players. But only for now.
The developers decided that it should enable users to see "a little more of his own ship." To begin with we will open access to the cockpit. We can try out different positions. What was once done automatically, can be done in manual mode. For example, route the traffic on the star map. Or do fire guns at the enemy ships. In general, should be interesting.
It is a pity that is not yet known when these innovations will come into force. Developers promise to hurry, but no exact dates have not yet named.

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