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Jordan Retro 11 Overview of Cooking Oils How to Ch

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Here are a quick summary or profile of each of the major cooking oils. Each group should be accompanied by a longer profile in the near future.
First, a few terms to know when talking about various cooking oils:
Selecting which cooking oil to use for any cooking project can be difficult at best, especially if the huge array of oils on the grocery store shelf are unfamiliar. Information is the best way to beat back that confusion.
Quick Cooking Oil Glossary
Smoke Point: this is, as the name suggests, the point (heat) at which the oil begins to smoke. This can change the chemical composition of the oil, sometimes to harmful effect, and almost always changes the taste. A low smoke point is bad for high-heat situations, like frying, and an oil with a very low smoke point shouldn't be cooked with at all, or only very slightly.Monounsaturated fat: helps to lower bad cholesterol (LDL), meaning it is actually good for you. It is very heart-healthy.Polyunsaturated fat: this kind of fat is relatively healthy, or at worst, health-neutral.Saturated fat: primarily found in animal products and the tropical oils (palm and coconut, etc.). It is very bad for the body, especially the cardiovascular system (heart). It is solid at room temperature, so most oils that are very thick or solid at room temperature are probably high in saturated fat.Omega-3 fatty acids: very important for cardiovascular (heart) health. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Although primarily found in freshwater fish [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], certain vegetable oils contain some as well.
Low Smoke Point OilsCoconut Oil: Very high (up to 92%!) in saturated fat, so it is a poor choice for heart (and probably waistline) health.Flaxseed Oil: This oil is high in many nutrients, however it has a very low smoke point (only 225 degrees Fahrenheit) [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and so should not be cooked with, only used 'raw', such as in salad dressings.Sesame Oil: It has a strong, slightly smoky flavor, and a relatively low smoke-point. It lends its distinctive flavor to many oriental dishes.Walnut Oil: This oil has an extremely low smoke point, and should only be used 'raw'. It does contains some Omega-3 fatty acids [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and a strong nutty flavor that is lovely on salads.Medium Smoke Point OilsAlmond and Avocado Oils: Both have a slightly sweet, somewhat nutty flavor, and a medium high smoke point, suitable for cooking. Neither particularly healthy or unhealthy.Olive Oil: Really, this should be several entries instead of one, as each variety - normal olive oil, refined, virgin, and extra virgin - have different qualities, but they do share many common aspects. All are high in monounsaturated fat, and thus very heart-healthy; they are also high in antioxidants. Although it has a relatively high smoke point (higher the more refined it is), its delightful, delicate taste breaks down at low heats (especially extra virgin), and is therefore best kept for uncooked uses.Peanut Oil: This oil, of course, has a strong nutty flavor. It is very pleasant on salads, especially when paired with a strong vinegar, such as balsamic. It does have a fairly high smoke point, suitable for most cooking uses.Sunflower Oil: High in polyunsaturated fats, and has very little taste.High Smoke Point OilsCanola Oil (also called rapeseed oil): This oil has very high levels of monounsaturated and to a lesser extent polyunsaturated fats, some omega-3 fatty acids, and one of the lowest levels of saturated fat. It is almost completely neutral in terms of taste, making it, among other things, a great choice for baking. It has a reasonably high smoke point, meaning it is a good choice for frying. All in all, one of the healthier oils, and probably the most versatile of all.Corn Oil: High in polyunsaturated fat. It is neutral both in terms of taste and health. It does have a high smoke poi

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