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Jordan 23 Shoes Review Galileo Japanese TV Series

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Having worked most of her career as a junior officer, Kaoru Utsumi has made her way into the department of criminal investigation as a rookie detective. Kusanagi Shunpei, the star detective in the department, has just been promoted to another branch, potentially opening a window of opportunity for Utsumi to step up herself. Seeing the promise and potential that Utsumi shows towards the work of investigation,Jordan 23 Shoes, Shunpei lets her in on a secret that has lead to his success as an investigator of cases that others would deem unsolvable. He tells her about his friend Manabu Yukawa, a college physics professor at Seito College, who is an absolute genius, but a bit of a social nut. Shunpei tells Utsumi that Yukawa, nick-named “Weirdo Galileo”, is accredited with helping on all the cases he has solved in his career. Teaming up with “Galileo”, Utsumi goes on to solve her own cases and discovers, despite her initial dislike of this weird scientist, a profound respect for his genius mind.
Kou Shibasaki and Masaharu Fukuyama either have actually problems with each other in real life, or did a great job in the initial few episodes introducing the friction between their characters, Kaoru Utsumi, the detective, and Manabu Yukawa, the scientist. Although this drama does not do justice to her abilities on screen (Shibasaki’s acting in Good Luck!, Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call), and Battle Royale are more legitimate samples of her talent), the success of this drama (if it can be called a success) was really the work of Shibasaki’s professional relationship with Fukuyama. (Well, it definitely helps when a team can pull in actresses of Maki Horikita and Kyoko Fukada’s status to cameo throughout the series.) Ikkei Watanabe, as Hiromi Kuribayashi may not win any awards as the assistant professor to Manabu Yukawa, but he was an important character who kept the series interesting with his dialogue and resistance to Utsumi’s character.
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