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Ways to Make 350 a Reality by Reducing One's Carbon Footprint
Food, organically grown or ethically raised to be sustainable, was laid out, even including whole wheat pizza donated by Pizza Fusion, a Houston-based business committed to "saving the earth one pizza at a time." Diners were serenaded to the tune of Morning Has Broken and other nature music. This particular event was hosted by the Sustainability Committee of the Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church chaired by Dawn Newcomer. However [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the occasion was attended by friends of the environment from a variety of faiths.
After taking a picture of attendees in the shape of 350 and watching a slide show of similar and creative pictures from round the world taken on the same day, a drum circle started and the energy in the room heightened.
The church in the Woodlands, Texas, had begun their 350 observance with members of the community far and wide. They were coming together to "preserve the earth as we know it," says Dawn Newcomer. She said one of the goals was "to remind world's leaders to organize and echo the concerns through the United Nations climate talks and beyond."
Do a trash audit and use that information to increase recycling of plastic, glass, paper, and organic waste to reduce the amount going to a landfill.Practice the old Scout campers' saying of "Leave the earth better than you found it."Ask any print media one is involved with or subscribes to about their plans to use recycled paper, as less than five percent currently do.Buy sustainable food from nearby farms.Plan transportation to use less fuel by carpooling, riding public transportation, biking [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], energy-efficient cars, and reducing trips.Get in the habit of unplugging appliances when not in use.Use more efficient lightbulbs.Plant trees, vegetables, butterfly-friendly gardens, and teach others about how.Buy green products for cleaning and be
Mary Strauss, Sustainability Programs Coordinator for Bryan, Texas showed a video from Awakening the Dream Symposium which further defined issues on a world scale, and why action is needed. She also explained how in her city taking action toward sustainability "saves taxpayer money and creates a cleaner and greener community."
A choir performed the song written by The Reverend Fred Small entitled Three Five O especially for this world-wide celebration in addition to other songs about taking care of the earth.
One 350 Celebration in Houston Suburbs
There is grave concern among scientists around the world that in a few decades the worlds' people will be using twice as many resources as the earth can sustain.
In nations large and small around the world, people gathered on October 24 [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] 2009 to celebrate the need to rally around the 350 parts per million as the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Masai children did special jumping activities while people from Japan to Mexico City held celebrative events to kick off the world-wide commitment to reducing the carbon footprint from the current 389 to 350 ppm.
Read on
Thousands Attend Walk Against Warming Sydney
The Maldives Aims For Carbon Neutral by 2020
Global Environmental Action Successful
The numbers 3, 5, and 0 were spelled out with huge numbers of people standing across several continents, as well as similar small events in towns and villages across the globe.
There are a number of things an individual can do in daily life to reduce the carbon footprint:
A Round the World Celebration of 350

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