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I'm not your roses, not the person you love

On your memory like autumn maple, wandering the floor of the leaves, and scatter my dreams, memories have already dried up river, you are the world outside the fairy tale. I think time has erased the memory of the tears, I think I have forgotten about your footprint, which pool of green water lettuce covered with tears, like in a dream only drops of water, scattered under the moonlight tenderness has gone to the butterfly. Seasonal flow,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], grow old. You like the midnight wind suddenly blew open the door of my memory, past like a broken kite, the sky in my memory of the spin in confusion, cold rain fell in that howling in the river, the fish did not like a sad direction Tour. You say you red roses in the garden opened, open the very delicate and charming charming, but it is with sadness the loss of garden. You say you never forgot his promise, of the most beautiful roses to give the most beloved person. There is a feeling not always beyond the walls of the secular, not life beyond the track. You stand in the rain, dripping face no alternative but to look at me tears, but still let go of holding my hand. Years of wind and rain blew away everything you wash away a piece of me. You are in your way, and I walk in my way, thinking that you're far away in the End of the World. If time could go back to return to the past, I think I will feel touched by happiness,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], however, a time to never return. Rose species you say you are wrong years, the pace of time has gone, who also is a bird dancing butterflies, waving colorful wings, embrace your garden of flowers? You say you feel worn out, guarding the garden of roses, blooming or withering look at it quietly. Breeze past the moon's trying to come in on my Sese flickering, dusty memories scattered like peach March worry about silence in the lake, swing a little ripple slightly, then looking back, feeling the fields have weeds blurred,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then look back, there is no longer regret and dreams. Do not say you love me, from the moment of parting, I have understood is not the only roses can represent love, roses are not necessarily representative of love. I can not keep your true feelings, I became the scenery outside your world, and you far beyond the world of fairy tales as I have. Once Lei Yu fly, down in the palm who sigh and helpless? Willow banks, moon river full of grief support leaf lake boat far away. Past not to mention, do not have to ask yourself right or wrong, human life, love to have a few back? Maybe we encounter has always been a beautiful mistake,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thank you ever so tolerant of my wayward. Do not say you love me again, I have not your roses, your flowers are not, nor is the person you love. Remaining Desolated past has to do dust, your love today, in fact, is not love, has never lost things are good,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], people aspire to feel. Perhaps you really care about want to have lost the desire to share it. Hold that they have the love, I believe you'll be happy. Today I have been very happy, really. I will always keep his love, to hold their own happiness. Please forgive I can not love you. I'm really sorry.

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