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Franklin Marshall pas cher ABC_4649 beauty product

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ABC of beauty products

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], One needs not only of goods and practical, high quality, but also requires a sense of beauty products. The subject goods have entered the United States were real life, beauty products beauty as an important part of life, aesthetic goods used in production fields used in the circulation, mainly reflected in the full packaging, advertising, product display layout supporting facilities: A , product packaging and decoration of modern packaging features the United States from the general protection, beautification initiative to promote product development into product sales. Sculpture, modern packaging design fresh, vivid, and accurately convey information, interior design occupies an important position. Interior design seeks to use the simple technique of expression, so that people on the product features, quality and convincing. The packaging of a quite well known American designer Paloma said: such as food packaging to increase the decorative effect, to make people feel a sense of beauty ignorant, the use of vivid effects and art design will package the content displayed. Induce the customer appetite, desire to buy the products. Some product packaging model can also be part of certain subsidiaries to increase the decorative effect, which often have tags, ribbons, flower knot, decorative pads, etc., if used properly can increase the sense of luxury goods. Commonly used in decorating the screen with both realistic and abstract expression. Realism that is realistic painting or photograph with which the best color photo, can the content of the specific form of the packaging, color and texture accurately reflected its manufacturing is also very convenient, the food, beverages and some other light industrial use lot. Difficult to specifically describe the content of goods, the use of abstract expression, this approach often gives a high quality, modern impression = packaging and decorating in the mark to highlight the role. Trademarks are the main screen the sales package, the logo design drawn on to pay attention. Seeks to understand the ancient Italian lines concise, concise words,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], impressive beauty of the experience: the images have to mark carefully chosen words. Because they directly affect the consumer's purchase psychology such as White Rabbit candies produced by the Shanghai Children welcome, if the trademark license with the universe, I am afraid that market to be affected. As children of the universe. 』D 2, a know nothing, but the image is prepared for a sense of friendly rabbits = B, advertising merchandise promotional advertising is the United States to introduce the product. Establish a corporate image means, a report the United States is a form of beauty products. Especially in advertising signs, posters advertising often appears in the bustling city close to the site and the surrounding environment. All advertising ideas, use of color, appearance orientation into account environmental coherence. Intense pace of modern life, require the advertiser using simple clean, clear and full sense of the whole idea makes clear, to get a full feel, therefore, requires a strong contrast in color, hue Ming, unique innovative style and strive to c, product display layout supporting the display of U.S. goods,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], decorations, supporting mainly refers to the window,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], shelf arrangement of the counter, how to use law to achieve the desired aesthetic effect, which is carefully designed and skillfully to set units to display goods to become a holistic and harmonious sample group. This will expand the publicity to guide consumption and stimulate 』, to buy. Induce people to buy the best window to teach people not only can be seen from the window and the characteristics of goods, but also the window from the colorful enjoy the beauty: the selection of samples for the window chromophore, and constantly change the content of the samples on display to attract 』 very important: the theme of publicity is also important: If highlighted promotional products performance, use and quality, to dispel customer concerns,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as display merchandise to highlight the theme, will play a multiplier effect: companies such as Hitachi Palace in Beijing Well appliances department store to promote its production time. Take the theme of family life, skillfully shows the words in the Japanese family life with a variety of electrical appliances, ten Dan compelling, and consumers closer to the distance, the effect is very obvious. Difficult to observe on the local commodity, such as watches, shoes, small toys and other commonly used model for painting exaggerated way to express, can increase the sense of humor and zest for life. Display metaphor in a wide range of goods often: eg, use idioms, stories, folklore against, mythology, video image to set off seasonal merchandise, such as the Liu Ling drunk than wine, the old god of longevity than the tonic, used properly and do not have Yun Mei ; Another example is very attractive to children. ● The project packaging 200O Volume 20 No. 1 83


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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