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franklin & marshall Ask ourselves look to the futu

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Ask ourselves look to the future: some observations on the introduction of technology

Who is a socialist country, is dominated by state-owned socialist economic system, in this context, units and unit systems and systems, departments and regions can not be free competition between the way the use of national investment and foreign exchange, that does not allow weapons of their own money to fight a civil war. Conversely, if no plans have no control, you have the authority he has the power you have the right to strive for investment projects, would not do that is the source herd! Herd, is actually launched easy dismount difficult. Take two cans, for example, on many, but not superior keep bad there will be elimination of the situation. 2. In order to achieve short and long-planned program, the national packaging industry must be further stressed overall planning authority. To this end, the central planning and local plans must be unified, bank credit review of the Customs Authority shall be imported under the scheme Cengcengbaguan. 3. Organize and support package to launch research and design units and enterprises, to improve digestion and absorption of work to do to actually improve the technological level of China's packaging industry and equipment of international advanced water 'Johnson has more too the gap with advanced foreign technology to increase our their springboard. May wish to look at two cans. The late 70s, some business leaders under the influence of foreign technology exchange and export packaging needs, started to develop two empty cans of production technology. The earliest work is put into the food industry can manufacturing plant in Shanghai, the Shanghai Institute of Manufacturing Technology. Their vision, courage and spirit of service for the packaging industry so far is that we can learn. At that time all the conditions, the rate of production can only about 4O per minute, although has put to use,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the end result of the introduction of the production line of high efficiency, reliable, timely delivery, resulting in domestic lines can not be generalized. Assumed in the first place, to give the food industry can manufacturing plant or Shanghai Shanghai Institute of Manufacturing Technology provides an introduction line for reference, and can focus on financial, material and technology to support them,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the domestic lines is possible promotion in the country, there is possible to avoid the introduction of cost billions of dollars in many places, but only of the cost of millions of dollars, even millions of dollars on the line. Planned, to focus manpower and resources to solve major technical problems, the thing that is very much at home, but did not, this is indeed worthy of deep reflection. In order to introduce the work and the digestion and absorption, improve their work with better,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], should consider the following comments. (1) The purpose of the introduction of technology should be completely reversed, that the introduction of the first purpose is to learn from foreign advanced technology to improve, enhance and fill our lack of technology, not the first to production. Digestion, and improved, go for the production of services. This of course does not exclude the introduction of the hardware used in the production. (2) The competent authorities at all levels of research and development funds should be concentrated and focused way into the digestion and absorption improvement projects. Avoid multi-care,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], full flowering of distributed resources. (3) enterprises in the introduction of technology, the digestion and absorption, improve the implementation of the combination does not work shall not be approved for introduction. t4) for the digestion, absorption, and the introduction of improved equipment should be removed from import tariffs. 4. To wholeheartedly support the national industry: the equipment needed for the packaging industry are numerous kinds. However, the basic requirements in performance is the high-speed, automatic, reliable. Durable, some domestic factories find it difficult to provide satisfactory equipment. So in general, companies mentioned in the transformation, always consider buying foreign goods, resulting in the more the introduction of foreign equipment, the more relevant domestic factories can not improve their product quality, development of new devices for the lack of motivation. Conversely, take no more than the domestic advanced equipment, the more technological innovation has become the reason to buy foreign goods. Do not have to say two cans of the problem is that use large, wide use corrugated box production line, a large line of about 125 nationwide. Imports accounted for 75%; paper production line aluminum composite cans at once into the l9 article, almost filled the current user; composite film production line introduced earlier, but the digestion, absorption is slow, not stop to imports has also been At present China has entered the 118: Another example is the bi-oriented polypropylene film, biaxially oriented polyester film and PVC twist devices, but also about the dominance of imported equipment. In printing, plate making, printing iron, etc are basically similar to the situation. As for the cigarette packaging equipment. Candy packaging equipment. Canned food packaging equipment, bottling equipment, we have produced products for nearly 30 years, but the technology to improve quickly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], imported equipment is also full of major companies. Thus, the introduction of technology, must be planned, focused and have a clear reference purposes, in order to improve the quality of our technology. Protect and develop our national industry. ● China Packaging 1989, Volume 9, No. 4 / 23


ed hardy danmark Packaging industry 's first fully

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

magasin abercrombie China South International Indu

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