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Franklin and Marshall uk The status of Taiwan pack

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The status of Taiwan Packaging Industry

jL of 85% of the imports just to cartons, other containers of paper and milk-based. The import volume of about 3 l300 Shito million U.S. total imports of 918% c Woodlands plastic and laminated materials industry the past 20 years the standard of living has increased significantly. Daily consumer goods packaging demand on the sharp increase in petroleum chemical industry began to rise. Laminated materials, raw materials needed for manufacturing and also the local production of t so. Laminated packaging material getting attention. Taiwan already has several manufacturing lu. But the larger scale used in only 5.6 laminated packaging materials, the most copies of the addition to the normal paper 92/19901ci0No4CHINAPACKAGING class, the cellophane, biaxial polypropylene film, polyethylene yeast film, nylon film, polyethylene film, no extension polypropylene film. Enhancement of material properties and processing of the film, and multilayer composite film of their crowded much less than dozens. These basic materials, special processing of the moisture,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], moisture cellophane stretched just depends on imports of all other basic materials are also produced,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but a small amount of industry can not meet the actual demand. As for the nylon film, polyester film, EVAL film, PET film and the film just to strengthen the individual properties of no production, only some manufacturers developed. Moreover, Taiwan production and supply of PE, EVA resin is laminated materials, the most widely used. The resins are special purpose, such as 10n0mer} flail or Co1) oLvmer resin research and development is yet another stage a production of metal packaging materials,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but in the transfer of packaging materials. Play an important role of aluminum foil and metallized film. Almost entirely dependent on imports. Laminated packaging industry standard upgrade. Depends on the chemical industry support. Taiwan Lamination materials production. Is still in development stage. The main production of the material still OPP, CPP. PE-based. With the combination of imported aluminum foil laminated to form the mainstream of Taiwan laminated packaging However, due to packaging quality, derivative and security needs. Taiwan's plastics industry is still a lack of materials to improve the manufacture of high quality laminated. But in recent years as food packaging lO sterilization development of soft bags, food packaging materials industry has attracted the attention. Manufacturing of laminated materials instead. Undoubtedly created a larger space for development. Fortunately. What the equipment industry in Taiwan on the PET film, nylon film and foil the increasing demand. Materials manufacturers in the country the possibility of manufacturing these materials will naturally increase. The passage of sterilization materials will price will compete with foreign goods. Will be conducive to the development of Taiwan's industrial sterilization hit Taiwan plastics industry. Analysis of import and export volume and export volume of 1986-1988 is as follows: What the cellophane packaging material in the work. Is also a basic laminated materials. Cellophane imports in 1988 amounted to $ 3,000,000 t import volume of 1.5 million kg exported in the export of t】 $ 520,000 total, the export volume of 660,000 kg of which are still part of the export Chen basic cellophane outer. In 1988 the amount of moisture sealing El cellophane into a cellophane Xin total imports accounted for about 16.1%. This part of almost all imported supplies. Taiwan plastic used in food packaging materials on the nephew,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in 1988 imports amounted to $ 20,000,000 and imports at 5O0 million kg t exports $ 20,000,000, a considerable amount of export and import volume of 9.09 million kg in 1986 and 1987 In the fall, exports and the export volume and import volume than imports for the high percentage of plastic film in general terms, imports in 1988 up to 4800 million. Imports compared to exports of 10 million kg t of times of more than 2,000 million higher than in the plastic,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the passage of more than one respect, the export value of 1988 1. T T billion export volume of 8,000 million kg, compared with exports of $ 3,400,000 and 504 percent higher than in 1986 and 1987, the exports are more than 120 million U.S. dollars. Aspects of metal foil. In 1988 the imports amounted to $ 73,000,000 t 86,000,000 kilograms for the import, and export volume of only $ 3,700,000. Export volume is only 990,000 kg in 1986 and 1987, imports are much higher than exports. Display laminated foil material is still used primarily suppression are imported. Imports, especially aluminum foil. White of $ 41,000,000 in 1986. Of 61O0 to 1987 million. Until $ 72,000,000 election of 1988. Dock each year than the previous year of 5% of a 456 percent growth. Plastic limb hit the bulk of exports of all kinds of plastic bags t1986 12.8 billion exports in 1987 was 1.52 billion U.S. dollars. Billion in 1988 1.7T - Every year, considerable areas of import volume growth of various types of plastic bags until 1986, the import volume of about 200 to 300 million dollars display the out of plastic bags in Taiwan】 【_ a considerable competitive force. ● (Feng cage paternity continued)


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