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ed hardy vaatteet Transformation in the instant no

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Transformation in the instant noodle product packaging to win World War II

Market. Made considerable profits. Well use of its brand. Gradually to middle and low market entry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], increasing its market share. The part of the domestic enterprises in product quality and brand is almost the same situation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], due to lack of funds and advanced marketing tools. Instant noodles in the fierce battle hard to . recapture the lost market? change the packaging of instant noodles. adapt to the current development trend of international packaging. conspicuous social benefits. is a small investment, quick. economically viable shortcut. The author of the market research and personal experience, discusses yourself point of view for your reference. packing for protection, landscaping, play an important role to advertise their products. But if the packaging material used improperly, not only will the side effects of goods. but also environmental pollution. as well as harm to human health. today's environmental protection and protection of human health has become a common voice and the world focus. States have enacted strict environmental protection. If the rate of production of packaging products on the environment and human health hazard, it must promptly adjust its product structure. Otherwise it is difficult to survive. Looking at the packaging of instant noodles in China, most of Arab countries with low-grade plastic bag business. It can not meet the consumption level has been gradually increasing. Some observant foreign-funded enterprises,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the introduction of advanced production equipment to produce high-end instant noodles Xiao Wan installed, the packing material is poly vinyl stripping. a Taiwanese production of foam plastic bowl surface have to seize most of the market share, especially along the railway. can be said to Under the pollution away profits. Faced with this situation. The majority of our domestic manufacturers must not sit still, to take active measures to regain the lost market. This requires the packaging of our social development units should meet environmental requirements, and strive to make use of green packaging materials. If you hire this,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not only to highlight the characteristics of their product packaging. I have done without. Capture the market, but also to ensure the health of consumers and protecting the environment much good enough for the most important is that Chong was not eliminated by the development of society. According to the survey, several domestic enterprises have started using non-polluting type of paper packaging instead of plastic packaging, introduced the paper Pina bowl. However, due to structural reasons, high cost of domestic consumers, accept (units; million) project instant noodle packaging sequence (single ten bread ~ 0--908) of the new paper cutting down packaging plastic bags Wan leaching raw materials, packaging paper bowl packing a sack of white cardboard Geng Lin Geng white cardboard polystyrene ethylene raw materials (Kyrgyzstan printing) costs m3-0.406 a m10O. 2-0.30. B-0.93 blocked shots (film) No No No Tsui 06-0.120.06-0.124 0.02-0.03 Tsui 02-0 shrink film. O30.02-0.035 outer laminating and printing costs no no mO3-0. O6 without manual or mechanical packaging costs 6 0. Ol0. o02 a mo05m0l a 0.0150. O1-0. O15 whether there is a white pollution-free (hazard large) No 8 Total m33-0.440.062-0.10.32-0.430.89-1.07 This product has some difficulties. In response, a long afternoon Machinery Co.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ltd Jinan learn foreign advanced technology and experience to launch a new instant noodle packaging paper Pina (Patent No. 97322954.3 extraterrestrial see photo below). This package is by natural pulp paper, lamination. Then after cutting, stamping molding products. Detection of the relevant state departments have sufficient strength, oil, heat, non-toxic, tasteless, non-hollow of a tree infected. And recyclable (main channel). Packing is also easy to transform, just over twenty thousand yuan investment in equipment, but manufacturers do not transform the bread mold (you can still use the square base). I ship prediction. Use this. Green packaging, The new paper packaging can completely replace the plastic foam packaging, and ultimately eliminate the achieve packaged, packaging series, with various levels of the market and easy integration, easy with a variety of marketing tools, and ultimately unique in the industry, stand out and win the market. .1 j 1998 China Packaging taste of the first of 45-f ;


mulberry tasker Common printing and packaging equi

Franklin and Marshall uk Packaging and decoration

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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