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ed hardy vaatteet New materials, new domestic and

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New materials, new domestic and international packaging containers of alcoholic

ET The difference is that instead of PET with the benzene ring naphthalene polymerization raw material monomer acid instead of terephthalic acid with the NEC. Similar to the molecular structure of PEN and PET, but PET is more excellent than the barrier, UV resistance, heat resistance, temperature resistance (heat distortion temperature of amorphous PEN up to lO0 ~ C, while the PET temperature is only 20C). PEN is not only used for beer packaging, but also applied to other wine and beverage packaging, market prospects are very wide. Nano-PET plastic (NPET) beer bottles, high-temperature sterilization of the tanks can be expected in the rich industrial group of bottles used KORTEC multilayer injection technology company made the beer bottles can withstand high temperature 67 ℃, excellent sealing barrier layer can be 6 months shelf life of beer, bottles will be fully recycled after use. Asahi Green beer bottles produced, the material is of Eastar copolyester shrink film tape has to block the light, to ensure the quality of beer, sealed bottle, transport safety, cover will not be touched, to ensure that the bottle clean, anti-bottle burst when the debris flying and so on. Use of plastic beer bottles Netherlands poly dimethyl ethyl benzene _ outer layer of a special treatment within six months will not make beer oxidation of plastic beer bottles. Japan to develop new beer bottles colored, coated organic pigment in a colorless bottle, and re-use when, after crushing body temperature 1400 ~ 1500 ℃ coloring ingredients will break down into soluble colorless state, can recycling, but also of wine. Tsingtao beer barrels anaerobic fresh beer Preservation Vessel Co., Ltd. Kwong Wah developed Nair E-type anaerobic fresh beer barrels, which is the new beer packaging containers, using original inflatable structure automatically accumulator cylinder with built-in micro-combined approach ensure that the note wine, liquor store the whole process of anaerobic operation, Paul Wang bottled beer taste. Products, stainless steel interior wall is smooth, easy to clean. MICROMATIC wine barrel side to increase the reliability of uniform thickness of PU foam insulation with good thermal insulation, a wine Ding strong defoaming system function, the barrel must be to eliminate oxygen from the air into the wine barrel,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], resulting in beer oxidation and secondary pollution. Packing cans of beer packaged good wine quality, high grade, easy to carry, transport and consumption of convenient, easy to be fake, excellent sealing performance, clean, health, natural flavor of beer to maintain a high degree of quality for high-end beer packaging, high prices for the higher spending power of people to enjoy. Cans not only for beer packaging, Australia and other countries have developed industries cans packaged wine. Cans can be completely isolated from the air, preventing oxidation of the wine than the glass convenient, environmentally friendly and safe. Wine packaging carton developed in Japan, will be sake, wine into the To replace the glass bottles in the market ready market decline, boxes of wine can be seen everywhere in the European market. Hefei,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], China rare earth crystal bottle crystal clear glass plant development and harmless non-toxic crystal bottle of rare earth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rare earth raw materials to clarify the use of bleaching agents,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as adding high-quality materials, fine quartz sand to increase the refractive index of glass, transparency, make bottles to avoid permanent discoloration of bright light as ever, glittering like crystal clear effect of wine can greatly enhance any product packaging and wine, gives a new, extraordinary, the United States to enjoy. Imitation ceramic glass bottles developed by the Group of Shandong Regent imitation pottery wine glass bottle packaging than traditional bottles a significant advantage for the ceramic, the inner tube with a glass material, the appearance of ceramic materials, ceramic packaging wine completely overcome the leakage problem, consistent with the bottle and cap tightly, sealing effect, appears to overcome the thermal expansion of ceramic materials bottle L] size and standard deviation of defects. Japan to develop ultrasonic mixing bottle wine will be poured into the bottle, open the switch,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the bottom of the ceramic ultrasonic vibration plate vibration, 2 hours later to make delicious bottle of wine mellow for as whiskey, wine, liquor and other alcoholic beverages and packaging Aging. Automatic heating tanks kt this development, for sake (rice wine similar to China) heating. In the tank under the l / 5 Department has a laminated, built-in quicklime and sealed in plastic film inside a packet of water, drink, only with a reaction with water produces heat, can warm sake to 58 ℃, 3 minutes, then hot sake, is very convenient. Wine can optionally save the aerosol cans that bulge at the tank with a snail through the cork tip of the hollow tube, only one side of the tank pull the handle, this tip will automatically open air bar, grapes spill outflow, while the aerosol cans to add a special gas (argon and pure unadulterated co2, H gas mixture of water vapor) through the second tube pressed into the bottle, the outside air can not enter the bottle, so drinking a bottle of wine After long-term preservation can be used.


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