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ed hardy suomessa Alternative to disposable foam p

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Alternative to disposable foam products, plastic cutlery ideal for exploration and development

Free monomer and blowing agent benzene hexene, photosensitizer in the products during processing are different degrees of toxicity, and some are even carcinogenic, must stop using is beyond reproach: pure starch (edible) type fast tableware , water and oil because of poor performance, high cost and waste of food tray, so it should not promote, therefore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the actual application process, there are many specific issues,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mainly the cost, selling price higher than the saddle foam plastic tableware and more quickly; followed by paper tableware to water, the use of internal or external sizing Chu waterproof plastic, natural degradation a very long time and even biodegradable; pulp used is taken in the preparation of chemical treatment, not only emit corrosive concentrated alkali containing black liquor, resulting in environmental pollution, but also the emissions of harmful waste and emissions. so the not decrease the extent of pollution, but also may be higher than foam tableware, therefore, resulting in the promotion difficult. Use straw, wheat straw, bagasse and other natural plant fiber as raw material to produce a King of the tableware is the vast number of scientific and technical personnel in the carefully summed up the foam plastic and paper tableware, after the existence of many problems in recent years, development of new environmentally friendly biodegradable disposable tableware, so far no foreign direct disposable tableware made from plant fibers reported. The product is easy to get with the raw materials, low cost, fast food box with the processing cost of about o22-0.25 yuan / only; for the production of a unique formula to help guillotine drawn, safe non-toxic. Union use of the production process without waste and consumer acceptance. Therefore, plant-fiber foam plastic tableware is fast Shaanxi tableware ideal alternative of choice. Must focus on to support the development and promotion. Fourth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the development of plant fiber and rapid countermeasures cutlery soon as the foam plastic cutlery ideal choice for quick replacement product cutlery since the invention of plant fiber there are only five or six years. Tableware plant fiber just as a new product to market, in the application process also exposed some problems still need to improve and perfect: the appearance of raw materials to select a character with a gap of tableware, but also because of solid material in the shape of the ancient some protein or starch coking to deepen the color tableware, lunch boxes can not be associated with cover and other causes health conditions not easily accepted by consumers, a plant fiber tableware directly collected from the fields of raw materials, poor working conditions for part of the cleaning, raw material storage is easy when deliquescence occurred and mildew; followed by special additives are mostly organic matter, temperature, humidity or mold particularly sensitive. Energy consumption of a poor flow of the dishes ingredients. Taiwan mold cavity after the flow of force required to great, so that machine up to 100-120 tons of load, heavy load dragging the body with the frequent cause of energy waste. Product Price of a city now and plant fiber paper tableware dinnerware price although lower than, but still higher than the EPs dishes about l0% ~ plus%. In summary, the most important issue is the cost of production. Solve the high cost, is a systems issue involving multiple factors. The improvement and development of countermeasures are: J Process Improvement. View of the disposable tableware has its typical characteristics of consumables, determines that it must have high-speed, continuous automatic production. At present, some companies rely on stand-alone operation, manual loading, manual clearing side, tens of thousands of crude products to the outer surface of plastic and an artificial one place to hang with the workshops and other demands of labor and mass production is not commensurate with the actual, must improve the process. Forming a mold, using foaming technology, changed dipped for the economic lot size and other aspects spray. 2 Yuan whole recipe. Temperature through the mixing of materials, pre-pressed into blocks to improve the flow of materials, so reducing the load capacity of the hydraulic machine: 3 equipment improvements. Explore a multi-bit continuous operation of the automatic machine to replace the bulky body, the high energy consumption of hydraulic molding machines, increased automation equipment, semi-automatic level 4 cut costs. Given the cost of plant fiber tableware door by the high prices of chemicals affect the actual reduction of highly difficult, we must improve the hand of special additives formulated to reduce the production cost of plant fiber tableware. Tableware plant fiber fast green products as the next century, due to obvious advantages in resources and environmental advantages and has strong: In addition to using plant fiber as raw material production and fast dishes, but also can be used as crop seedlings. Medicine and external packaging, egg tray, clean vegetables, fruit trays, fruit boxes and other light body,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to be developed in areas such as textiles, building materials, household appliances, etc.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the prospects are very optimistic. Development of plant fiber tableware, if we improve their level and expand processing capacity. Can be expected that material will trigger a light change. . China Packaging 20OO s No. 1 45 2o


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

ed hardy vaatteet If the dragon dragon year marked

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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