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Ed Hardy mexico Semi-active variable stiffness vib

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Active Variable Stiffness Vibration Control

Sensor measurement signals to control the signal analysis and processing, control signals through the cable input to the solenoid valve mechanism in order to achieve variable stiffness steel frame to support the top of the first layer of beams and the steel frame between the fastening and relative sliding state, you can change the stiffness of the ON or OFF state. The whole control system only requires an external power supply and controller phase, the power consumption is very small, with a common battery. 4.2 The test content and test results similar to the principles of the model, respectively ELCentroN-S to the seismic wave, TAFTN-S to the seismic waves and seismic waves similar to the transformation of Tianjin,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as the vibration of the drive signal. Drive signals are respectively in each of the original structure and control condition (=., Ak :,。,) tested. In addition, these conditions were repeated tests. The results show that the developed control system is successful, the seismic response of steel frame and achieved good control effect, experimental reproducibility. Here are just a few ELCentroN-S 0.1g seismic wave peak to the test results to lose. With (f) i-layer beam, said relatively vibration table displacement response, (f) represents the displacement response i asked layers. Figures 4 and 5, respectively,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as and when △,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the bottom of the beam displacement curves. Control of seismic response of other layers effects are very good. - Controlled Tim Cutting - the original structure when Ak = 0.2k-4,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the bottom of the controlled displacement time history lt/s-- carried forward - the original dragon circling 5 when Ak = 0.5k, the underlying Displacement Response of the {2 Medical [such as: semi-active variable stiffness vibration control 4.3 Test results concluded that: (1) The semi-active variable stiffness vibration control system design is reasonable and feasible sets. Variable stiffness control system components and their connections between the design has reached the desired goal of controlling Pina good effect. (2) domestic and international initiatives have been completed and the semi-active structural control experiments Pina, the controlled in part by the analog device, Jiao word device (computer) and signal converter (A / D and D / A converter) of three parts , the control system with time delay and other problems. And this experiment, the variable degree cut all the hardware control system, control system, only analog, the control system to avoid the calculation and the control signals with the problems caused by the delay. Pina control device dimensions 150ram × 100ram × 50ram. Even in the actual projects, nor do they need to increase the size of the controller. If necessary, Pina control device can also create more small. The location of the controller may also need flexibility. (3) mechanical device is a hydraulic manifold block,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the online test that can accurately realize the dual up the oil, ON-position and the OFF-position. (4) In this experiment, the control system is only a displacement sensor with a first layer of beams of steel frame relative vibration displacement response of Taiwan Yt () (5) and more repeatable test conditions, indicating that the control effect less susceptible to environmental disturbances, and control Pina robustness of the system very well. (6) control results from model error, and control robustness. 5 Conclusion This paper established a semi-active variable stiffness control system and its theory, the theoretical analysis and experiments show that the control system can effectively reduce the structural vibration response. And to achieve all the hardware of the structure is simple, low cost, robustness is good, not the impact of structural analysis model, robustness, has great application prospect. Reference to the text spine 1YaoTJP. ConceptionofStructureContro [. J. oftheStructureDivJsion, ASCE, 1972 | 98 (7) :1567-15742 LIU Ji. Seismic vibration control of wind. In: Sixth National Conference on Structural Engineering Proceedings (Invited), China Nanning, 19973Housr ~ erGW, eta1. SecondGenerationotActiveStructuralContro | inCivilEngineering. In: Proc. of1stWorldConfefenceOnStructuralControl, LosAngeles, USA, 19944 t LIU Ji Min Chen. Nonlinear Semi-active variable stiffness vibration control. Vibration Engineering, 1998 ~ 1l (3) :333 - 3395 Lee taught earthquake. Active Variable Stiffness Vibration Control: [Dissertation]. Dark Harbin: Harbin Architectural University Dark 19986 quarter, Li Min Chen. Active Variable Stiffness Control of Structural Vibration


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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