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ed hardy danmark Mental _4893 packaging and purcha

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Packaging and purchase psychology

Phase constraints, mutual penetration, interaction. The psychology of the consumer buying activity during the packaging of goods produced in the guide consumers need from the final purchase decision to psychological, plays not 941999vd. L9N06Ct ~ NAPACKAGING ignore the role of a modern enterprise, the competition is the all-round product competition, the effect of packaging and sale of goods are closely related. Available to consumers in many commodities is often selected because of attractive packaging and buy the products to stimulate desire and purchase behavior. The battle for business in the market, we must attach great importance to the packing should be based on the activities of regular customers to buy the design of psychological packaging, increase the share of goods sense, observability of appreciation, so that customers purchase packaging and psychological harmony. Particularly in the international market. Chinese goods are often Behind the package, giving the impression that the crude goods, which carry off by the second, including the Mino area to beware of rumors into the packaging is important to the success of merchandise is one solid element. Beautiful, delicate product packaging can be enriched by Tim Hui, paving the way for the sale of goods. But in the process of implementing packaging strategies, but also to avoid two errors: I neglected product quality of a】 fierce business war nowadays, many companies not only attaches importance to packaging, but also by exploring the However, improper packaging strategy and one-sided pursuit of goods, Due to neglect of the product itself, so that some shoddy goods to be packaged in beautiful exterior popular, greatly against the interests of consumers. Packages and commodity rate between the body is a table and where the relationship between form and content, the content of the decision form, the quality of goods is the eternal subject, packing only an auxiliary means, is contradictory, is the secondary aspect. Competition in the market, the product is still the first. Continuously improve quality, develop new products, closely linked to market demand, has always been the prime concern of thing too. We are here to emphasize the role of packaging, but not the end of inverted Feng, go to the other extreme. Coupled with the success of high-quality packaging products, is the strong competition in the market forever. If the poor quality of goods, and packaged,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], consumer purchase,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the second will no longer buy. And word of mouth among consumers will be worse, so eventually lose market Sheng. Therefore, businesses in the implementation of the packaging strategy, we must put right the relationship between packaging and product. Not to be heavy weight, internal volume is too large,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], too large,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the materials had stalls, decorated over China, the cost is too high and so much more than protection, landscaping requirements of goods, training consumers to a slick feeling. not smart step businesses have found that packaging is the relationship between the competitiveness of their products without a major event, so too much emphasis on packaging. many of the product itself is smaller than a layer of packing left and right layer. consumers layers of peel. ability and insight excessive packaging not only did not play due landscaping, promotional role, winning the hearts and minds of consumers, instead gave consumers the feeling of burden, resulting in reverse psychology. And excessive packaging will increase the number of unnecessary costs, raise the cost of packaging. Attractive package to take full advantage of promotions, is a legitimate, legal, understandable, but only under the premise of the package appropriate to play a promotional role of value-added some operators attempting to over-packing, to obtain greater economic benefits, but in many case is just the opposite, to bring their own losses by squeezing. Man set package mushroom | t goods and the image of lH-air industry components. Marketing is also in former times-lg-razor * dark blue vehicle advertising and competition 41 -. But otherwise, a market research professionals nitrate Mount ■ I say Lu Yu Guangzhou. , it also depends on the product packaging, product packaging is a stepping stone to the door to open the market too. Fierce market competition,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], enable enterprises to continuously explore new forms and means of competition, packaging has become an active participant in sales, sales strategy has gradually become a major pillar in the implementation of the package a little bamboo mat, the businesses have to study, fathom consumers Psychological well buy packaging art with attractive approach to the performance of goods to the goods Kam spent for the sale of products to develop a broader market. .


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Abercrombie and Fitch One secret of packaging desi

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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