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Shuang'gou protect trademarks style all their own winery

Has been developed. The past four years, Zhongshan City, packaging and printing industry, an average annual GDP growth rate of 20.25%, is expected to reach 130 billion yuan GDP this year; and average annual total number of enterprises with 180 / 0 rate, last year up to 1753. One Zhangjiabian Development and Management of Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. production base in China's packaging and printing, Zhongshan City, the GDP of about half of the gross production of packaging and printing. Packaging and printing production base in China since its establishment, has attracted more than 80 famous domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in packaging and printing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], including Hong Kong, Hung Hing Printing Group, the wing Paper Printing Co., Ltd.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Plaza Premium Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., days Color Plastic Packing Co., Ltd., of Hong Kong Graphic Arts Engraving Co., Ltd., Shanxi Yuncheng Engraving Co., Ltd., Dainippon Ink & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Hill & Knowlton and a number of well-known printing company. In these well-known enterprises, the annual output value more than 10 billion there. Currently, the package base has formed a complete industrial chain, both kinds of paper printing and packaging, carton packaging, publishing books and printing, plastic packaging, environmental packaging, containers, packaging and other enterprises, but also packaging machinery manufacturing and the packing material manufacturing. Production of the fields of publication printing, packaging, label printing, packaging materials and other types of packaging and printing field. In addition to printing and packaging production base in China, Zhongshan City, five other industrial base are: the State Torch Program, Zhongshan (1 Linhai) Equipment Manufacturing Industry Base, the state high-tech products export base, China Electronics (Zhongshan) Base, the National Health Technology Park, China's industrial technology market and technological achievements (Zhongshan) demonstration base. Shuang'gou protect trademarks style all their own winery nowadays, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to trademark protection. Jiangsu Xin Rights Shuang'gou installed. 65 / 6 Brewing Company for the protection of trademark. It is understood that in a recently released bulletin on the trademark, which has a total of six on All these 6 new trademarks registered in class 33 mark on the wine, which The reason why the company out of weird protection Reportedly, the challenge. However, the final interpretation of the Trademark Office is To prevent similar incidents from occurring again, Shuang'gou wineries can think of just put all the (Su AP) examination in Hong Kong, Great Eagle Group Chaya package sent by Hong Kong, Great Eagle Centre Ben Kanxun Deputy Chairman and Group Managing Director, Mr. Luo Jiarui of the delegation, Great Eagle (China) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, Mr. Ou Yi Hao recently investigated Asian packaging center. Mr. Au said that the Eagle Centre Project Group is very interested in sub-packages,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with the sub-packet centers on the future prospects of comprehensive cooperation is full of confidence. Great Eagle Group is Hong Kong's major property developers and hotel companies. Headquartered in Hong Kong, to develop long-term, investment and management of quality office, retail, residential and hotel properties mainly in Hong Kong, North America and Europe. 2004 value of its net assets $ 2,304,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000,000. Great Eagle Holdings Asia in recent years has been concerned about and track the package center construction project. Junior Asia Package Center President Jinxiang comprehensive introduction to the guests the first sub-packet center of the master plan and current progress. Mr. Ou Yi Hao Building, inspected the land for construction sub-package, two planning sub-package central headquarters site and Jiangdong Industrial Park, Linping industrial parks, and urban construction in Hangzhou, the natural landscape, the surrounding environment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the office market conditions, etc. a comprehensive understanding. He said construction of the Asian packaging center in Hangzhou, has a very good development prospects, and its geographical advantage, international organizations, resources, government support of the advantages and rapid economic development in the Yangtze River Delta and interaction strengths, the natural beauty of West Lake in Hangzhou Paradise advantages are obvious. Great Eagle Group Asia package building, the headquarters building are very interested in the project will actively work to promote all-round cooperation with the sub-packet center.


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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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