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christian louboutin shoes The new coffee packaging

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New packaging coffee beans

The most delicious coffee, coffee beans can not be squeezed and folded, and can not be exposed to the air. Germany's Aldi supermarket chain,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has many years experience of selling coffee beans. Aldi in December 2006 the company attained Cyclero Huhtamaki, inspired by the concept of flexible packaging, the brand of coffee beans Amaroy flexible packaging bags from the transfer to the flexible packaging cans. Cyclero is basically the traditional self-sealing edge of the bag without reasonable optimized version. Packaging can have a variety of different shapes, Cyclero cans are round and have a rigid cover was, each package can hold 20 cans of beans. Flexible packaging company Huhtamaki revolutionary Cyclero won AlufoilTrophy2007 award, which is the initial market Cyclero use of technology. AlufoilTrophy Prize is awarded by the European Aluminium Foil Association, the international aluminum industry competition for the winners. As ((KraftFoods >>,(( PackagingGlobalTechnologyandQualityInternational MartinHauck director,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said: laminated film on the container, in the sales process to better protect the product, better distinguish their differences. the cylinder cans pinch in the hands of great texture, very stable on the shelf, and it easy to open and re-closed. The circular is also semi-rigid Cyclero packaging to avoid coffee beans in the filling, transportation and shelf damage to the process of selling. This package 54 of the main features of the China Packaging 2008 / 1 Zhenghua Ming compiled in the tank the bottom of the body has a control valve, which enables C0: escape. Cyclero Another advantage of packaging is its maximum capacity, compared with the traditional coffee bags,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], coffee bags is a traditional double. TheCyclero cans manufactured by the film is the Optima's new,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], advanced software can production machine produced. SoftCan this concept is Optima, Huhtamaki, Aldi three companies proposed by the process. This program started in containers in the end be the source What is the idea of ​​the shape. Since then, Optima, and Huhtamaki of the membrane have been optimized development. materials and mechanical effects of the change makes the whole design concept of each other in many parts of the Department must be changed. In SoftCan the manufacturing process,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], start cutting a film on the drum, put it on a mandrel to form a hollow cylinder. HerrmannUltra-sonics company using ultrasonic sealing technology mandrel to stitch into a cylinder. Then, tank bottom then sutured to the cylindrical tank body. Meanwhile, on the bottom of the tank to insert a valve to release the coffee out of gas escape. SoftCan mechanical finally a strong plastic ring inside the upper edge of the bottles, make sure that even in the open the stability of the state package. Thus, packed with Cyclero this tank, when people hand press it, nor there will be a rigid feel. plastic ring can still be sealed with excellent performance. in its closed state rebates under the lid to the bottle can actually last. Meanwhile, Optima's CFL-type filter coffee 900 per minute rate to filter out and accumulate it inside the hopper, the hopper and then is transferred to the SoftCan machine SoftCan filling machine to give 20 per Cyclero coffee packaging. In order to increase its shelf life, filled with coffee beans in the plastic container lid suture prior to injection of a certain air. finished packing the last to go through the filling of a weighing device meter, so you can ensure that the coffee beans inside each package the number of cans accurate, and consistent and the weight on the label. Finally, for each package is SoftCan machine can print production date and expiration date.


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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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