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K acquisition of the PRC [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Sino and is not to do." For today
(May 9, 2007) Media reports said the German research company GFK to two wholly-owned acquisitions of domestic home appliances research firm, GFK China says today.
Origin of anonymous text messages Yesterday afternoon, including many household appliances, including SAN FRANCISCO ChinaByte reporters received an anonymous text message. The message claimed that "According to informed sources, the multinational market research agency GFK German brewing company recently shocked the Chinese home appliance industry a major movements of two of its biggest competitors?? In Yee and the acquisition of Sino."
YORK ChinaByte when to call the phone number For further information, the phone is not connected to the state first [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then make the time, it has been in a "busy, dial later" state.
Immediately, NEW YORK ChinaByte respectively GFK Asia Inc. Beijing Representative Office, and Sanofi confirmation. GFK Asia Inc. Beijing Representative Office Fan Weihua public relations manager, said, "the first time I heard it was not clear. Must first verify the company level."
And Sino two middle managers, said, "is a competitor in the spoof." Asked the reasons, the two managers are speaking, the industry in order to have an accurate grasp of general business to two investigative bodies will also buy market research results. If the PRC, Sino, and are a company acquired two companies are not going to pay the investigation costs. "This is a combat operation."
Today, a media to "be all German research firm GfK share in Yee and Sino" is the theme of this report. The paper said it had been Sino an executive said, "51" Holidays, the largest shareholder of Sino Sino has been called many executives, announced the upcoming sale of the company's plans, so employees prior psychological preparation.
GFK denied the acquisition of the PRC, Sino and
"Consultation with senior management of, GFK acquisition of the PRC, Sino and is not to do." And the day before the ambiguous attitude of diametrically opposed, and today public relations manager for Fan Weihua GFK response is very clear.
Fan Weihua said the headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany's GFK is the world's fourth largest market research company, is a listed company. After entering the Chinese market in 1993 started to monitor retail sales of household appliances. Currently GFK with many well-known in China, manufacturer and retail chain companies to establish a stable relationship, China has been in business profit status.
"China Branch 2005 sales of 60 million yuan, the number of employees from the 2004's 50 to 100 people last year." Fan Weihua said [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], GFK does not buy this year and plans for domestic appliances research fellow.
Both deny the PRC, Sino and negotiate the acquisition GFK
"GFK come to us every year to discuss cooperation in the matter, but we have not promised." Sino Market Research General Manager of Wang Dan today during an interview stressed that ChinaByte SAN FRANCISCO, May 1 before the company simply had no open will sell the company.
Wang Dan said the company is formally season, signing a lot of projects, such false information will allow the company suffered heavy losses. "The merger between the companies, not simply money can solve."
Today issued the PRC, and the Sino same statement. "The acquisition is not to do." In the PRC, market research company chairman Lee Ki-cheung YORK ChinaByte tone firmly on that, and GFK and other peer relationships are very good, usually have been walking, is normal.

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