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ans are all have a clear awareness that the organs of people will produce disease under certain conditions, for example, the high-frequency electromagnetic waves, whose electrical charge will produce an unpredictable effect on human organs [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], especially the nervous system. As more concerns has been paid by scientific research institutions, industry experts and users of radiation, except the fever of skin, headache, dizziness, fatigue and other "cell phone" disease of users, the memory loss, reproductive system damage [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], brain cancer and other terrible fact which are caused by long-term radiation is being more and more hot discussed. Whether standard headset or advanced Bluetooth, most cell phone users can not accept them due to their defects, the winding and knots of the former are so annoying and inconvenient to use; the latter kept at a distance because its cost, easily loss and frequent charge. If there is such a design which can built headset in the body of cell phone, and pulled out it when use the headphones and then take back after using, then this designing will not only shield the radiation, but also facilitates the using, but this seemingly simple idea has deeply troubled industry experts and hardware designers. According to experts, to tiny the headphones in the cell phone should overcome three major technical challenges. First is the material of the headsets cable. the current headset cable on the market is coarse stiff, and it is difficult to built them into cell phones. If the headphone cable can be made soft and thin, but because the conductor in the line is metal, so it is an " impossible task" to let headset curly tens of thousands of times without breaking for the physical characteristics-"Metal fatigue", and this is the first problem. Second is the flexible headset module. For it is necessary to made the headset into the cell phone, then its volume should be smaller than watch parts, and in such a small space we should put into the drive, the line device, transmission, clutch operation devices and a dozen high-speed precision parts, and it should withstand the strong pull of headphone cable, which is very difficult under the current technical conditions. The third is the drive. If we use the spring, then after rolling thousands of times [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the elastic force will decrease, and then the take-end can not be completed. According to the general description of British information technology companies, the technical problems of the built-in cell phone headset has been solved ([url=/China-wholesale-electronics/Phone-Accessories/]wholesale cell phone accessories[/url]), and its first wired phones has appeared in the market. Although the number of users in our country are not familiar with the results of the British general wired phones, while it is famous overseas for its wired phones conception which is adapt to a new low-carbon life. The giant screen in Times Square in New York and the mainstream media of United States and European have made a lot of reports about its technology and products. British general cell phones get patent protection in the EU, China, the United States, Japan and many other countries at the same time. We are very pleased to see that after the history "there are only [url=/China-wholesale-electronics/Mobile-Phones/]cheap cell phone[/url] in Chinese cell phone industry ", British general wired phone are expected to provide customers with the new 3G era way of calling because of its differentiation and originality. From: [url=/China-wholesale-electronics/Mobile-Phones/]buy cheap cellular phone[/url]

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