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Air Max 1 Shoes Ep Review - The Song Remains The S

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After two fairly stand-along episodes, Supernatural turns back to it's ongoing storyline. The result is a strong episode, even if the story becomes a little silly.
Anna and Uriel attack, and Sam is killed in the ensuing battle. John is knocked out of the building, and agrees to become a vessel for the archangel Michael if his wife is spared. Michael kills Anna and Uriel backs off, leaving Michael to reveal a startling truth to Dean: the reason the Winchesters are the true vessels for Michael and Lucifer is that they're descended from Cain and Abel, and every seemingly random choice that led to their being born was planned out from the beginning. Free will is an illusion and no matter how hard Dean tries to fight it,Air Max 1 Shoes, he'll eventually say "yes" and let Michael take over his body in order to fight Lucifer.
The episode opens with a glimpse into the dirty dreams of Dean WInchester: he hangs out watching strippers in devil and angel outfits dance it out, only to be interrupted by Anna, the angel that had previously rebelled against heaven nd helped with Winchesters. Anna reveals her betrayal by their current angelic rebel Castiel and that she escaped and needs his help. Rather than meeting Dean, it's Castiel who shows up. Anna says that Sam must be killed to keep Lucifer from rising to power, and when Castiel threatens to kill her, she flees into the past to keep Sam from being born.
Cut off from most of his powers since rebelling from heaven, Castiel risks his own safety by bringing the Winchesters back to 1978. Sam and Dean's parents, Johna and Mary, are recently married, and while Sam is overwhelmed with seeing his mother, Dean (who had been to the past already) explains to Mary that they're in danger. John is lured away by Anna, but Sam,Nike Air Max 1 Shoes, Dean and Mary are able to fight her off.
Dean has nothing to say to his, and so Michael heals Sam and sends the brothers home before wiping John and Mary's memories,Nike Air Max 2009 Shoes, ensuring that the present will come to pass, and leaving the Winchester brothers to wonder if they'll really be able to keep the angels at bay.
John confronts the reality of a world full of monsters, demons and angels, and Anna recruits a younger Uriel to assist in hunting the Winchesters. Mary confronts Dean and demands answers, and is told the truth: Sam and Dean are her sons from the future, and the only way for her to stay alive is to leave John and never give birth to her sons. It's too late, however: Mary is already pregnant.
Even though the new revelation may end up making the upcoming episodes' reach exceed their collective grasp, "The Song Remains The Same" is still a good,Air Max 2009, solid episode and hopefully the show will continue to raise the bar as it has so far in season five.
Supernatural Episode 513 - "The Song Remains The Same"
This episode worked quite well moving the story along. Anna returns, Michael is introduced, and a major plot point is revealed. However, that plot point seems a bit silly and unnecessary. Sam and Dean are a modern day Cain and Abel? While a reason for their being the true vessels for Lucifer and Michael (respectively) is certainly welcome, it seems a bit unnecessary to go so far. After all, if the Bible is to be believed, isn't all humanity more or less descended from Cain and Abel, some of the first humans? And wouldn't it have been more logical to simply point out the similarities between the two sets of brothers and leave it at that?
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