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abercrombie uk Fruit and vegetable preservation an

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Fruit and vegetable preservation and packaging captures the developed countries and Crafts

Increase the nitrogen content of oxygen in the new method is used in the air with new air-conditioning performance of fruit and vegetable packing box, this package has a layer of special film, film fiber can absorb nitrogen, oxygen molecules and let through, so that air through the membrane into the box, the box can be as high nitrogen content of 98%, so that slow down the respiration of fruits and vegetables to achieve the purpose of preservation of a long time. ● Fresh fruit and vegetables to maintain a new method developed a U.S. company can cut fruit and vegetables to keep fresh new approach. The researchers used cheese and vegetable oil extracted from acetyl benzoic acid glycerides into a cover, will be clear that suitable, edible, not ignorant of the thin air in the slice of fruit paste, vegetables, and practice that can prevent dehydration,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to prevent fruit browning and to prevent microbial invasion: ● fish fresh new law experts have invented a new U.S. Fish Preservation Act, the first catch of fish into plastic bags,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bags into the mixed gas, of which India% carbon dioxide , oxygen 21%, ammonia 19%, sealed package is good, and then release the ordinary cold storage of fresh fish, fresh fish with this packaging appearance after four weeks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and ignorant of the road were not changed. Fortunately ● fruit at the foot wrap made of Japanese experts, fresh fruits and vegetables a one-time use film, it is suitable for water by the two very strong clear film composed of nylon semi-appropriate, between the two layers with a high penetration of the sand 75 sugar syrup,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the use of this plastic wrap to package fruits and vegetables, can slow absorption from fruit, vegetables, water seepage to the surface of extended shelf life. ● tiny boxes of fruit fresh pack, a paper company in Japan produced a fresh box of fruit, which is in the corrugated box corrugated substrates add a layer of polyethylene film, and then coated with a layer of water containing traces of disinfectant fruit wax coating to prevent water evaporation and inhibit respiration of fruit to achieve preservation objectives. This box packed with fruit and fresh fruit can make the month the UK =. ● edible fruit preservative British company has developed an edible fruit preservative, it is sugar, starch, fatty acid and translucent polyester material dubbed milk spinach, can be spray, brush or dipping Chu cover the apples,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], oranges, watermelons, bananas and tomatoes and other fruit surface, and preservation of up to 300 days. Because of this preservative in fruit and a layer of sealing film formed on the surface, it can prevent oxygen into the fruit interior. Thereby prolonging the fruit ripening process, play a role in preservation, this preservative can be the same with fruit. : Chu ● Flowers Israel Israel crossing the tiny new package Leith company developed a new method of packaging fresh flowers, cut flowers planted to solve the problem after withering. This method is typically used for packaging computers and electronic equipment to be improved with a bubble made of plastic, a new packaging. Packing flowers, it will release the new packaging equipment lined with flower boxes, the box can not only lower the temperature, but also cut off the oxygen outside the box. Which play the role of good preservation. ● China Packaging ∞ 20 groan on No. 2 97,


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