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abercrombie outlet Trademark design features and c

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Trademark design features and characteristics

The basis for other commodities, the success of the trademark application is an important factor in product promotion. 'Any art has its own characteristics, both strengths but also has its limitations, when the trademark as a reflection of product features, this trademark is useful. In addition, the trademarks should be simple, neat features for the arts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a distinctive strong personality and integrity of the artistic image, showing the product features and attractive. 1), the rapid development of information economy, to improve the attractiveness of products to consumers and confirmation of degrees, must be allowed to trademark the image of a concise, visualization methods to express the products. Trademark graphics, whether a map or text style,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], every glance is ~ head, break sets to read, easy to recognize,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], easy to remember the principle. In other words, there must be people mark the signals of the effects of rapid identification, rapid communication product information, so that people can kind of products in a deeper impression, and generate goodwill. The information content of the modern trademark is mainly commercial brand names, production and management, corporate name, and the nature of the goods or business meaning of the symbol. Miscellaneous information over and over, will impede the effectiveness of information transmission trademark. Many enterprises in order to simplify the trademark information, strengthen the trademark effect, the company name and product brand names into one, such as production,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Sakura card film resistance should be clear, corporate names, brand names and specific things that should not be confused: the performance depends not only on the information transfer effect, should also pay attention to the exact shape of the image, otherwise it is difficult to have the strength of cemented information power. in the image of choice or treatment should pay attention to scrutiny. because, although the expression of information by the image to be reflected in the final, according to a certain point of information or information direction, a good grasp of the effect of trademark image of the force, so that the audience's understanding of the direction towards the concentration of specific information. 2), personality One of the features of the trademark plastic arts, is to eye-catching, easily recognizable, easy to remember, in addition to be simple and, more importantly, have a clear personality traits different from other marks, so that competition on the shelf image with a sense of personality and fascinating effect of advertising is to design personalized form of trademark grasp, such as text, letters, trademark style is uniform if you are using standard fonts, the visual effect is only to convey information between them, And there is not much difference in the image, to visualize if the changes will be profound for some people's feelings. In order to allow people to effectively identify and strengthen the memory point, the trademark should be designed to make personal changes in the image. Such as United States, Another example of old products, Reflects the image of the individual commodities, but also played a role in showing the characteristics of their products 3), abstract abstraction is the trademark brand name and image of the abstract. Use more of our traditional trademarks, such as dragons, wind,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Kirin, and Fu, Lu, Shou and Samsung, to strike a more visible Great Wall, Beijing, licensing, West Lake brand and other trademarks, brand names from the name of the scientific, rational look at a disadvantage. With the internationalization of product development. The brand name will mark the era of unnecessary obstacles. For example, during a political or policy and trademarks used brand name, relationship, but rather a form of expression. trademark of abstraction, it should be brand name and graphics and fine nature of the product co. If the product is complex and confusing trademark information. in the form of a large number of political depicting the performance of a specific image. will lose effect trademarks and accurate information flows is a trademark of abstract art in the relevant goods on the basis of information content, through morphological changes, to strengthen the process of abstract visual expression of the abstract is a highly condensed summary of the specific image and sublimation. modern logo design should be consistent brand name requirements of the times, and the product contains significant pronunciation, word meaning beauty of the form of group units. If characteristics, also in line with Yu Yi pleasant, sweet voice and beautiful features of buildings.


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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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