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Abercrombie France BOPP status and development tre

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BOPP status and development trend

Product quality. In addition to those trades and medium-sized enterprises key transformation, key enterprises, a general increase in the whole industry should be based on product quality, optimizing product mix, increase effective supply. In terms of packaging products, to focus on the development of high strength corrugated paper boxes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the development of plastic packaging film with excellent properties, composite materials and products. Improve the glass quality, reduce consumption, improve metal drums and metal cans supporting coatings, sealants. Promotion of container transportation. Packaging and printing industry, to keep flat, convex, a reasonable proportion of gravure, focusing on development of export-supporting enterprise. - Continue supporting the transformation of a number of packaging products for export enterprises, supporting the formation of the export base. Gradually reduce the import of a large number of major packaging materials, to achieve localization. Made to accelerate the process of packaging machinery, especially the towers, packaging machinery and equipment, to be based on the introduction of digestion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the formation of independent development, production and comprehensive range of the system. One by one to enhance utilization. Eighth Five-Year Measures should be taken to several aspects: 1 to further strengthen industry management; seriously implement the economic losses to truly implement the work, first of all production processes from the start. continue to implement the production and construction of packaging products (including packaging waste recycling materials). in investment, loans,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], raw material supply side taxes imposed preferential policies should be implemented. of the packaging industry and medium-sized enterprises of the contract responsibility system and the way various forms of fiscal responsibility , so that enterprises have the ability to self-transformation self-development; 4. to strengthen the scientific and technological research in the packaging industry, packaging industry organize give preferential policies and so on. In science and technology development in a planned manner to encourage horizontal cooperation, attention to other industries rely on advanced technology, talents and resources of power for the packaging industry services; 5. planed as the packaging industry are indirect exchange, suggest that the state in the foreign exchange to the packaging industry to use proper care to ensure the introduction of technology, equipment and materials, reasonable arrangements for the introduction of the project put into operation, production and equipment manufacturing pirated innovation planing conditions for the packaging industry for the development of technical means and scientific reserve {6. improve the packaging and technical supervision system. Accelerated packaging standards and related standards; 7. to limit the packaging of products should be unified planning,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and strictly control new projects. For these products, exports and domestic demand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], have a plan for production, to ensure that key supply; 8. vigorously develop the packaging industry and technical personnel, the use of a variety of ways to improve the quality of workers; 9. strengthen the packaging of information, intelligence work, the development of foreign economic and technical exchanges and cooperation, development of international leasing, international packaging technology consulting business. ● (Continued from page 33) and lOP compared Xiang Xiang 4BOPP Comparison Project 10PBOPP】, investment 18 ~ l02, production costs】 085 ~ 0.903, the production site area of ​​4 to 54, the film thickness tolerance of 10 ~ 15% 5 ~】 0% 5. Features 1) can be made of heat shrinkable film 1); can be made of heat shrinkable film 2) easy to operate (2) mass production, low cost (3) the material easy to replace L3) can be made more humble film 【 ],[and Yancheng Hydro plant their introduction of foreign production PVDC film technology and equipment, the production of the 2,000 tons / year. Total 4oo0 tons / year. Therefore, the proposed construction of BOPP film factory production line at the same time, supporting the setting compound (out of composite machine) set of equipment. this kind of equipment abroad, can be introduced, also based on the country. China Fuzhou Light Industry Machinery Factory, King Japan.Fujiwara abroad such as Japan and other factories Jieyou cJ good quality, the domestic equipment has been repeatedly introduced exports. Of course, we should be based on domestic resources to save foreign exchange for the principle. as to take into account these aspects, the diversification of BOPP film products to meet our growing need for multifaceted packaging industry, which is the best policy. ● China Packaging l0 1990 No. 1 / 19


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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