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Óculos Oakley Brand development and brand-name pro

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Brand development and brand-name products

Brand-name products is the core of the three elements, the behavior of brand-name enterprises must obey and serve the needs of the content of the core brand can be said that the image is based on brand-name brand, brand is the cornerstone of the brand. Therefore, the famous brand-name products for the development focus should be to create brand-name products direct target for the brand development. Brand is a brand name with the basis and key link, only to seize and to solve this critical problem,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], possible problems in the development of the brand, brand-name companies are only likely to move forward quickly on the road to development. (B) The specific objectives of creating brand names for different brand-name products serve different markets, to meet different consumer needs, so the specific content of brand-name products are different, but through the example of a large number of brand-name products, not difficult to see brand-name products, in essence, have their common properties, which is the brand's success is the underlying reasons, but also the process of planing brand specific objectives must be pursued. 1. A high degree of product quality and product value is to ensure that the precondition to achieve, is the product credibility in the minds of consumers to form, consolidate and improve the foundation, but also encourage customers to repeat purchase, form the most direct cause of brand loyalty. Can be said that the great brand-name consumer 『suction force of the bow to the quality from its extraordinary charm. General brand quality is not the pursuit of quality, but a similar product perfect than the highest level of quality. Must be noted that, where the Because here the quality is the quality of broad, is a comprehensive concept. Narrow and one-sided high-quality, place. It is the uniqueness of each brand, it created a colorful world famous. Many high-quality brand-name product does not enter the list, is that the uniqueness of the overall product is not enough. The above mentioned brand-name quality system of generalized, Almost all brands are an aspect of the system, or a combination of several aspects of the quality shown on the unique advantages, such as, or advanced features, or unique technology or sophisticated style, or new packaging,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or comprehensive services, or the image of the unique,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so as to make them stand out from the many goods,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], showing dazzling brilliance. For example, the Italian designer Ermenegildo Zegna clothing, unlike most of the popular styles of clothing that win, but the pursuit of apparel and high quality to the introduction of new fabric to maintain its brand position. 3.'s leading (innovation) as continuous innovation (technologies and products) as the basic features. Modern market economy requires enterprises to continuously introduce new products in order to radiate the vitality of brands. A brand must also be on the basis of technological innovation has introduced newer and better products, to arouse the desire of consumers to new, to make famous good old, often leading. The latest value of the world's top seven brands of five brands with high-tech industry, that brand will be more dependent on technology development and product innovation. Looking at the world famous brand. Can see, they not only create products. At the same time upgrading the fork continue to launch products, to maintain its brand leadership. For example, ∞ NY leading technology companies to develop leading-edge products, so far has been first tape recorder, walk-Inan player, not the film camera equivalent to ten applications microelectronics products, ranking it in the brand family of a seat. Fork, such as 3M brand-name companies rely on innovative companies occupy a position of the company's new products continue to emerge, since 2985 has been an annual average of 200 new products to launch. 4. Cultural connotation of the enterprises will be injected into the cultural connotation of eternal products. It gives the brand a permanent, stable factors, so that it has an inexhaustible charm of life. Brand and culture and the integration is to make it with the eternal vitality of important conditions. On the importance of brand development, brand development and brand-name status in the analysis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], development of brand-name products that we recognize the economic situation for businesses to adapt to the needs of the importance of competition in the market. Through the analysis of a large number of world famous examples, summarized the common characteristics of brand-name products, determine the specific objectives of brand plane. Create and brand development to dig the premise of providing brand-name products, to solve the problem of how to create brand-name products, you must be the nature and elements of brand-name products have a deep understanding, it should be said that this is a necessary prerequisite for brand plane. . A j8 China Packaging 1998 53 4 dependents


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

franklin & marshall Crisis, with

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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